How to care for Vitex 'Shoal Creek' -Chaste Tree- as bonsai

Chaste Tree takes the sun and hot weather. Very forgiving and fast growing, they take heavy pruning well. Eliminate all suckers as they form and use directional pruning and bud selection for a single or multi trunk system. 'Shoal Creek' has blue-violet flowers and leaf spot resistance. It is late to leaf out. Leaves are aromatic when bruised. Foliage can look crispy in a cold fall. Lilac color flowers appear June all the way  thru Sept. Gray, blocky bark is an added attractive feature. Vitex agnes-castus at maturity is vase shaped with loosely stiff branches.

Two notables: The name Chaste Tree supposedly got its name from a seed extract that helped keep ancient Monks chaste.  The leaf happens to look like marijuana.


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How to care for Vitex 'Shoal Creek' -Chaste Tree- as bonsai

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