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Passionate About Horticulture

Then Fell In Love With Bonsai Trees!

I must have been born with a shovel in one hand and a watering hose in the other. Loving to grow plants. After working several years at Behnkes’ nursery I was positive that my future career would be to work with plants or in landscape design.

Armed with a BS in Ornamental Horticulture and a knack for growing and understanding plants, I began working with plants at Baucom’s Nursery in North Carolina, and did part-time landscape design for the Ervin Company, also here in NC. 

Working with plants won. I couldn’t see myself working in an office constantly behind a desk.  So then comes our new venture, Landscape Consultants, Inc., a design-build firm, and Preferred Trees Nursery, a 100-acre ornamental and shade tree nursery, right outside of Charlotte,NC. 

Fast-forward to a couple years before I retired. Still passionate about plants and even more passionate about bonsai trees I couldn’t find or think of any more pleasing venture for Deborah and I to do during our retirement - except to establish a new plant nursery.  This time with miniature trees instead of spade-size trees.
Bella Bonsai Nursery was started on three acres here in Charlotte, North Carolina. A fully NC certified Nursery, now we proud of the more than 5,000 bonsai and pre-bonsai for bonsai enthusiasts to choose from. Discovering that most bonsai artists appreciate seasonal, proven, professional advice on how to care for their bonsai, I then wrote a top-selling book, Modern Bonsai Practice.

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Add a new bonsai tree to your collection. You can order with complete confidence. To help you think like a plant, read, Modern Bonsai Practice get it now at a 25% discount

To get your bonsai horticultural questions answered or other assistance with your order, email me personally at LarryWMorton@gmail.com.

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