How to care for Fringetree as bonsai

Chionanthus virginicus is one of our most handsome native plants in flower. Adaptable to shade and drought, they take full sun to part shade. They also take pruning well. Use directional pruning and bud selection. Root system thrives in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter.


  • At maturity, Fringetree is broadly columnar to a rounded crown.
  • Spreading, open, ascending branches. Tortuous branching with age.
  • Usually multi trunk.
  • Late to leaf out.
  • Yellow fall color. Flower dioecious. White, fluffy panicles May to June.
  • Fruit dark blue Aug to Sept.
  • Young stem color dark purple brown. Slightly furrowed gray bark. 


This Bonsai Tree Is Currently Unavailable At Bella Bonsai Nursery

How to care for Fringetree as bonsai

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