How to Care for Shantung Maple Bonsai

Your Shantung Maple Bonsai

Acer truncatum are vigorous and adaptable when grown in full sun As most other maples, it's roots thrive in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter.

The natural form of Shantung Maple at maturity is spherical with multiple branches horizontal to ascending. Both branching and foliage become dense with age. The foliage is resistant to leaf scorch unlike some Japanese maples. Most maples take pruning well.

  • Emerging leaves purple changing to green in summer
  • Yellow, orange or red in fall
  • Leaf looks somewhat like a sweetgum
  • Outstanding greenish flowers
  • Bark brown and furrowed

This Bonsai Tree Is Currently Unavailable At Bella Bonsai Nursery

How to Care for Shantung Maple Bonsai

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