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How to Care for Florida Leucothoe

Posted on July 16 2019

Your Florida Leucothoe

Agarista  tolerates full shade to mostly sunny if roots are kept moist.  Use a deep training pot. Transplants easily and adapts when not stressed. Heavily suckers to multi-stem but looks best when pruned to a single trunk. Shear back abundant regrowth after heavy pruning. "Taylor's Treasure" is fairly leafspot resistant. In spite of the Florida name, Agarista grows in Zones 7-9

  • New growth tinged with red
  • Graceful overall compact fountain-like habit
  • Irregular form but with upright multiple trunks and ascending to arching branches
  • Branching and foliage dense with age.
  • Fall or winter cuttings root readily
  •  Shiny evergreen foliage
  • Abundant white flowers Apr-May.Native

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