How to grow American Persimmon as bonsai

Native Persimmon is related to Ebony trees. They like full sun. The very hard, close grained wood can be used as a deadwood feature. Prune in winter but it takes heavy pruning well. Prune vigorous suckers anytime. Use directional pruning and bud selection. Coarse leaves may be difficult to reduce. Summer glossy green leaves change to yellow to purple fall color. Fragrant white flowers come May to June. Edible yellow to pale orange berries persist into winter. A male tree is usually needed for female to be covered with fall fruit. Rugged, blocky, black brown bark is noticeable on mature trees. 

Shape varies from a highly irregular form to a more symmetrical sphere. Its horizontal to descending branches have slender, contorted zigzag twigs.   


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How to grow American Persimmon as bonsai

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