How to care for Sweetgum as bonsai

Sweetgum will thrive in sun to part shade. The leaves will reduce in size easily after potting. You'll find the fleshy roots could use a larger or deeper pot and abundant water. Its root system thrives in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter. Good horticultural practices translate to healthy bonsai. 

  • At maturity the overall form is semi-conical to broadly spreading. Upright ascending branches and a rounded crown.
  • Native.
  • Glossy deep green leaves change to rich yellow purple red tones in fall.
  • Corky winged branches.
  • Deep furrowed gray brown bark.
  • Jubilee has a dense crown, lustrous dark green leaves, consistent maroon fall color, ridge and furrowed bark and NO gum balls. How sweet!


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How to care for Sweetgum as bonsai

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