How to care for Japanese Yew as bonsai

Grow Japanese Yew - Taxus in full sun to full shade but away from sweeping winds. Yew is said to be deer candy but our local deer have avoided ours so far. They take pruning extremely well and readily backbuds if some foliage is left on the tip of that branch. Use wiring, directional pruning and bud selection and always keep a few deadwood features. Yew dies if it dries out so the root system will thrive in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter. Good horticultural practices translate to healthy bonsai and an increase in value with age.

  • Yew at maturity takes on a broad conical form.
  • Compact, fine textured, dense overall character.Usually with a central leader but looks good as multi trunk.
  • Peeling bark.
  • Anglojap Yews are hybrids. 'Everlow'  has dark green needles, red berries, is a low spreader, and resistant to desiccation by winds.
  • Propagation with fall thru winter cuttings.


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How to care for Japanese Yew as bonsai

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