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How to care for Itea virginica -Sweetspire- as bonsai

Posted on July 16 2019

Native Sweetspire adapts to sun or shade, high moisture, some drought and heat, and to low pH. Provide adequate water and fertilizer when potted. Give the roots a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter.  

  • Ascending clustered branches arching with age.
  • Tends to sucker. Suckers can be divided and rooted.
  • Dark green foliage in summer changes to dramatic fall hues of yellow, orange, reddish purple and scarlet. Can stay a spectacular fluorescent red till spring. Essentially a semi-evergreen plant.
  • Fragrant white 6"long flowers May-June when few other plants are in flower.
  • Green to reddish purple stems.
  • Henry's Garnet is the most spectacular Sweetspire with persistent brilliant purplish red fall foliage and shiny, purple red stems.
  • Propagation easily from cuttings almost anytime.
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