How to care for Itea virginica -Sweetspire- as bonsai

Native Sweetspire adapts to sun or shade, high moisture, some drought and heat, and to low pH. Provide adequate water and fertilizer when potted. Give the roots a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter.  

  • Ascending clustered branches arching with age.
  • Tends to sucker. Suckers can be divided and rooted.
  • Dark green foliage in summer changes to dramatic fall hues of yellow, orange, reddish purple and scarlet. Can stay a spectacular fluorescent red till spring. Essentially a semi-evergreen plant.
  • Fragrant white 6"long flowers May-June when few other plants are in flower.
  • Green to reddish purple stems.
  • Henry's Garnet is the most spectacular Sweetspire with persistent brilliant purplish red fall foliage and shiny, purple red stems.
  • Propagation easily from cuttings almost anytime.
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    How to care for Itea virginica -Sweetspire- as bonsai

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