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How to care for Hinoki Cypress and other Chamaecyparis obtusa as bonsai

Larry Morton

Posted on February 08 2019

Chamaecyparis are easy to grow in sun to part shade but isn't so drought tolerant.   Protect from drying winds. Its root system thrives in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter and responds to water and fertilizer. It rarely forms adventitious buds after heavy pruning late in the season, or in heavy shade or on old wood. Prune the strongest growing tips only if you see strong foliage closer to the trunk. Allow trunk to bulk up by planting in the field. 

  • At maturity the natural form is generally upright conical.
  • Can develop long, scraggly branches with thick, dark green foliage towards the periphery.
  • Reddish brown shedding bark.
  • Propagate by untreated cuttings Sept thru Jan.

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