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How to Care for Abelia Bonsai

Abelias are easy to grow as Bonsai because they are very forgiving. Keep in half shade to full sun. Usually they're fully evergreen under conditions of high fertility and mild temperatures thru zone 7 -8 winters here. You'll find they respond to additional lime and iron.

  • Naturally multi-stemmed but looks best pruned to a single trunk. Remove suckers regularly.
  • Its roots thrive in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter.
  • Abelia at maturity become dense and semi spherical with age.
  • Ascending to upright branches.
  • Small, fine textured glossy leaves.
  • Exfoliating bark.
  • Light pink or white trumpet shaped flowers May thru frost. 
  • 'Little Richard' is one of the best white flowering varieties of Abelia.
  • 'Rose Creek' is one of the best pink/white flowering with reddish stems and  purplish green winter foliage color.

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Abelia Bonsai 2" cal. twin trunk

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