How to care for a Flowering Dogwood Bonsai

The key to situating a dogwood is to provide partial shade with good air movement. Its root system thrives in a cool, moist substrate high in organic matter.  If you notice large blotches on the leaves or water sprouts forming on the trunk, bring out the fungicide and the pruners. Good cultural practices translate to healthy bonsai. Unfortunately, the long internodes and large leaves can be a bit difficult to reduce. Utilize any possible deadwood features. 

Foliage is medium green changing to yellows or reds or purples in fall. White flower. Red fruit. The dark brown blocky bark is reminiscent of alligator hide giving more winter interest. The aristocrat of native flowering trees. Excellent for winter silhouette and also during the other three seasons.

What is the natural form of Dogwood at maturity?   Broadly spreading spherical with a flattened wide crown. Their low horizontal branching with up-curved twigs make interesting dense, natural pads with layered effect. 

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How to care for a Flowering Dogwood Bonsai

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