How to Care for Birch Bonsai

Betula nigra enjoys part shade to full sun and grows fast under high moisture and fertilizer availability. Prune all suckers before they dominate the main trunks. Suffers from individual branch dieback and many other problems if stressed. This native is usually seen as a multi-trunk tree. 

  • 'Fox Valley' is noted for dense, compact habit with slender, graceful, slightly drooping reddish-brown twigs. Some branches may eventually weep to the ground. 
  • Dark green leaves change to yellow for fall.
  • Peeling light cinnamon brown bark. 
  • Valuable for winter effect of beautiful exfoliating bark and multi-stem ascending form 
  • Propagation is by softwood cuttings without any period of dryness. Rooted cuttings are responsive to an extended period of artificial light and an application of liquid fertilizer after leafing out.

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How to Care for Birch Bonsai

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