Bonsai Myths and Facts

The challenge in trying to separate the many existing bonsai myths from horticultural facts is difficult, but needs to be discussed. Myths start from a false premise. Confusion is the result.

Horticultural folklore repeats itself as it’s rediscovered and presented a different way at different times. If you discard one way of practicing bonsai, make sure you don’t replace it with something worse!

With today’s modern science, we can better predict how our bonsai will grow and how they respond to what we do to them. Today’s growing practices have shifted significantly since someone started growing plants in pots centuries ago.

Specific information, along with differing terminology written on bonsai culture, tends to be unnecessarily confusing. We tend to read about someone’s personal approach or practice within their own specific micro climate. Gradually we see bonsai information becoming more scientifically based. Usually inaccurate information or a misconception needs to be cleared up and corrected before we understand the correct information based on proven principles of science. Any of the definitions or principles offered here are horticultural industry standards.

No matter where the authority comes from or where the information comes from, keep an open mind. What works in my area of the country may not work in your particular area for your particular plants. A misunderstanding for me may work for you. And sometimes you’ll find several different good answers to your bonsai care questions depending on the particular plant species and where you live.

Bonsai Myths and Facts

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